Launch Schedule & Delivery Information

Moto-Joe will be vending and delivering motors at the following 2017 launches;

Northern Colorado Rocketry

Pawnee Grasslands

Tripoli Colorado



Pueblo, Hudson Ranch

Tripoli Las Vegas

Jean Dry Lake Bed


New Mexico


New Mexico

January 7, Atlas Site

February 4, Atlas Site

March 4, Atlas Site

April 1, North Site

May 6, North Site

June 3-4, North Site

July 8-9, North Site

August 5,  North Site

September 9, North Site

October 7-8, North Site

November 4, North Site

December 2, Atlas Site


February 18

April 15 - Spring Fling

Chili Blaster  

March 17-18

October 20-21

June 20-24 

May 27,28