• MiniTimer4, single event timer

MiniTimer4, single event timer


This timer can be used for ignition of sustainer motors in multistage rockets and ignition of air-started auxiliary motors for added thrust, burn time, or special effects.

It can also be used for accurately timed deployment of recovery devices in lieu of the sometimes variable delay times associated with the motor's built-in delay grain.  Delay time can be easily set with 0.1 second resolution via an on-board pushbutton.  If your simulation suggests a 5.4 second delay, why settle for a 4 second or 7 second delay from the motor?

The miniTimer4 uses a built-in accelerometer for initiating the delay time from main motor ignition or burnout (user selectable).  The accelerometer also allows the timer to report maximum acceleration (in Gs) and speed (in MPH) after the flight.

The variable trigger threshold provides failsafe activation of the timer with virtually any motor, ranging from low thrust motors (2G for 0.5 second) to fast-burn high thrust motors (5+G for 0.2 seconds).

The only external items necessary are a battery, igniter, and on/off switch.  Igniter continuity and battery voltage are reported via a built-in beeper, which doubles as a post-flight locator siren.

The miniTimer4’s extremely high current capability allows the use of virtually any igniter type, as well as massive multi-igniter clusters.  When powered by a suitable battery, firing a 50 engine cluster is easily achievable!


Easy to set delay time is field adjustable from 0 to over 99.9 seconds in 0.1 second steps.

Can be configured to trigger on main motor ignition or burnout.

Includes on-board accelerometer.

Beeper provides audible igniter continuity check and powerup reporting of current delay time and battery voltage. Also reports maximum acceleration and speed of rocket after flight, along with siren to aid in rocket location.

High current capacity allows use of multiple igniters in clusters.

High accuracy digital time setting is retained in nonvolatile memory when power is turned off.

Uses secure screw-down terminal blocks for battery and igniter.

Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure reliability.

Measures 1.2"L x 0.9"W x 0.6"H, weighs 0.25 oz.

Maximum current: 100A for 1ms, 45A for 1 second.

Backed by a full three year warranty.

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MiniTimer4, single event timer

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